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Whether in the technology-driven 21st century or during the time of Christ, stories told by people to people are the driving force behind the way we live our lives. They are the threads that connect us to each other, and unite us to the one story we were all born to be a part of: the story of Jesus Christ. Watch as members of the Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee share their stories of struggle and success, sadness and joy, doubt and faith.

Do you or a friend have a story to share? Of course you do! We would love to hear it! Just click on the “Share Your Story” button, follow the instructions and share it with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

CFA's Submissions

Molly Clavenna, Student

Dedra Thompson, Sunday School Teacher

JP Talty, Student

Katy & Jack, Married Couple

Mary Beth & Ernie, Christian Outreach

Deacon Dustin Feddon, Christian Outreach

Joe Gardner , Flight Student

Latest Youtube Submissions

Christine Mayeaux, St. Paul Parish Youth Missionary

Tom Baroco, Cathedral of the Sacred Heart Director of Music Ministry

Davone, Prayer Group Leader

Jade, St. Dominic Parishioner

Scott, St. Dominic Parishioner

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